Make your Hotel Independent

Hotel Booking Revolution (HBR) is a complete solution for accommodation in order to make yourself Independent.
The revolutionary feature of HBR is to equip the Accommodation of an internal Booking Engine  and Channel Manager without the intervention of external servers.
The whole Booking Process takes place entirely within your website, this allows you to have more Direct Booking decreasing OTAs fee cost.
Consequently, this will help increase customer loyalty.
Adopting an Internal Booking Engine will open new marketing opportunities in order to increase the visibility of your Hotel (TripConnect, Trivago, Facebook) and to convert visits to new bookings. With the Channel Manager it will also be possible to manage the availability on OTAs saving time and drastically reducing overbooking. The website Design is customizable and fully responsive and is entirely developed by our web agency.

HBR website details

Customizable and Responsive Design

We have three different styles among whom you can choose (view DEMOS).
Each one of them can be customized (view Customization Details). 
 Each design has been created in order to fit the needs of an accommodation business.

Hotel Booking Revolution website design is fully compatible with all the devices (notebook, smartphones, tablets).
At the end of the creative process, we'll perform the Google Mobile Friendly Test, to ensure the responsiveness of the website.

Internal Booking Engine

Hotel Booking Revolution has an internal Booking Engine to manage the availability and real-time direct booking within your website. The booking engine enables the hotel manager to offer the service of online booking directly on the website without any commission. Unlike other booking websites, Hotel Booking Revolution allows online reservations to your customers entirely within the website without the intervention of external servers, saving each booking process on its own database and without paying any fees.


Internal Channel Manager (optional)

If you want to implement the functions of the Booking Engine, you can enable the Channel Manager. 

Channel Manager allows you to manage in a single interface availability, prices and booking of rooms both on your site and on the OTAs where they occur (,, Besides the management of these channels, you can use the Channel Manager to activate and manage services like Trip Connect (Trip advisor) and Trivago.

For apartments, houses and b & b owners, the channel manager allows to synchronize the availability with the following portals:,, and




Multilanguage (optional)

The website default language is English.
If you want to enable additional languages, you have to purchase the Multilanguage System option that will allow you to prepare the website to the following additional languages: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Swedish, Polish, Brazilian, Greek.

What does the Multilangue System translate?
The Multilanguage System automatically translates reservation / registration / login / contact system stages.

 What does the Multilanguage System not translate?
The Multilanguage System is not an automatic translator, so the translation of the content should be on your part.

 To maintain a high level of professionalism, we do not recommend the use of automatic translators.

Newsletter component

Hotel Booking Revolution website includes a mailing list component to maintain real communication with your contacts via e-mail marketing and newsletters.


SEO Service (optional)

By purchasing the SEO option, our team will perform the following optimization:

- Joomla SEO Service
- Sitemap Creation
- Website and sitemap reporting to Google, Yahoo and Bing
- Connection between your Social Networks profiles and the website


Support and Update

You will be given all the guides about the use and management of the website and a free support period of 1 month. However, if you need to extend to 12 months support, you can purchase the Mantainance option.

Support and Mantainance refers to the resolution of technical problems and not to graphic changes. By purchasing this option you are entitled to a yearly update (*).

(*) Annual Mantainance refers to the update of Joomla and its components only when all new versions are compatible with each other.


View Demos

These are three different customizable and responsive styles for your website